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nma member testimonials

“I attend the NMA Annual Conventions and Summer Board meetings because of the relationships I have and continue to build in the industry. It’s always great to see familiar faces and make new connections. Furthermore, the meetings are extremely informative and I’m able to bring valuable information back to my business.”
Eric R. Gustafson, CEO
Coast Packing Company

"I always come away from NMA meetings learning more about industry opportunities and challenges and better prepared to pursue or confront them. I also feel like our organization has a 'voice’ in helping shape policy decisions through collaboration with other NMA members and staff. The NMA experience has been so valuable and purposeful to our organization that I have encouraged our management team to participate actively in the meetings. In doing so, NMA has been providing our team an important training and leadership development experience."
Robert Rebholtz, President/CEO
Agri Beef Co.

"Every time I attend one of your webinars I learn from your speakers and enjoy the opportunity to ask questions and help make our programs the best they can be. As usual this was a great learning experience and I am busy working to make our programs better. Thank you for all you do and thank you for allowing me to learn from your organization and the expert speakers."
Pam Hergert
Quality Assurance Manager
Superior Farms Denver  

“Whenever I call on NMA for media relations assistance, I find them responsive and engaged.  They go above and beyond to provide the assistance we need, while also taking on tough issues of concern to the whole industry.  Sometimes they’ve even contacted me with public relations opportunities beneficial for our business.”
Michael Smith
Harris Ranch Beef Company

"The resources NMA brings to the table in the form of outside consultants well versed in every facet of our industry is unmatched. Legal questions, labeling advice, marketing questions and many more issues can be handled with just a phone call."
Edward J. Lopes
Heatherfield Foods Inc.
dba Villa Roma Sausage Co

"Our company recently faced a challenge that we all greatly fear.  We issued a voluntary recall of 3,170 pounds of ground beef items.  Fortunately, the core principles of our HACCP plan, as well as our recall procedures, worked well and the product was quickly recovered.  There were no illnesses related to this recall, and it was done in an abundance of caution.  We would like to thank the National Meat Association for their valued assistance during this difficult process.  I can proudly say to all fellow members that when we needed NMA the most, they were there for us.  We would also like to thank the great many of our fellow members who offered support and assistance.  It is comforting to know that, in spite of competition, we still can come together in support of each other."
Michael Day
American Meat Company

“Congratulations, again, on a great Conference, the NMA team are the absolute best — and you all make it look easy, when I know there is much that goes on in the background, and behind the scenes — so a big ‘thank you’ for such a great event.”
Mike Grazier

“We wouldn’t be here today, (successfully) still in business, with all the changes which have taken place the past ten years, without NMA.”
Les Oesterreich
Chairman—CEO (former)
Superior Farms—T.H.C.I. (Davis, CA)

"Our industry is continually challenged by growing public scrutiny, regulatory actions and other challenges that are rarely seen in any other industry sector. Whether a large packer or a small further processor, we share equally in our responsibilities and endeavors to feed people.  The National Meat Association is a partner, a resource and a mentor in our quest, and provides a solid and respected voice for our industry.  AB Foods is thankful for their services and support."
Brad McDowell
AB Foods LLC

"NMA is a complete organization that is committed to everyone in the meat industry.  The ability to meet potential new customers, new suppliers and new associates is endless as part of this organization and the support provided by the entire NMA staff is unmatched in our industry regardless of your need.  The professionalism provided in consultation services and confidence in helping you are things that come to my mind.  NMA is a network of services to help you become more successful in all of your business needs." 
Jerry Peterson
General Manager
JBS (Hyrum, Utah)

"I was with NMA when it was known as Pacific Coast Meat Jobbers Association.  I’ve watched it grow into one of the most influential trade organizations in the country.  I’ve been fortunate enough to grow along with it. For over 30 years I’ve relied on support from Rosemary, Ken, Etta and the rest of the talented staff at NMA.  Anyone in this industry that has ever needed an ally when having a problem could count on NMA.  No matter what part of your business was in need of assistance, NMA either had the solution or could muster one of their numerous talented associates to lend a hand.  Whether the problem was with USDA Inspection, OSHA, human relations issues, labeling or technical assistance NMA was always there when I needed them."
Edward J. Lopes
Heatherfield Foods Inc.
dba Villa Roma Sausage Co.

"The NMA has always been there for us.  Whether to answer a question about labeling issues or to assist in understanding the latest regulatory shift, the NMA keeps our company informed."
Andrew Lofquist
V.P. Operations
King Meat Inc.

"I have found NMA to be invaluable to my business over the last decade. Whenever I have had any questions or issues regarding USDA regulations they have been there to help us solve the problem or answer the question immediately.  I have been involved with other associations over the years, but I have found that NMA has been the most valuable in helping me solve the important issues that have confronted my business over the years.  I truly believe that without NMA's guidance and help we would not be where we are today as a company.
Bob Jensen
Jensen Meat Company

"From the start of my relatively new company, NMA has been a great source of support and information, providing up-to-date industry news and resources for connecting with associates in our industry. We have also received expert guidance in regulatory matters from NMA's experienced staff and participated in NMA's valuable seminars for management HACCP training. Our membership in the NMA has been richly rewarded."
Paul Bertolli, founder and curemaster
Fra' Mani Handcrafted Salumi

"I am glad that I joined the NMA many years ago.  It has been a significant benefit to my company by allowing me to get closer to my customers and improving my knowledge of the industry.  The meetings are very educational, lots of fun and an opportunity to meet great people."
Mike Gangel
Chad Company

"The NMA consultant membership is an excellent value!  Membership in the NMA is an ideal method for staying involved with the Meat Industry.  The weekly Herd on the Hill and Lean Trimmings newsletters provide just the right amount of information on the most pertinent news, meetings and political events.  The annual MeatXpo is an excellent opportunity to meet with other industry representatives and hear from field experts.  The atmosphere is comfortable and open, where presenters offer enthusiasm, knowledge and guidance to NMA attendees.  NMA’s staff are professional, pleasant and very helpful!  Thanks."
Erika L. Voogd
Voogd Consulting, Inc.

"Our meat industry is fiercely competitive, but the collaboration through NMA is critical, especially with the growing complexity of regulations and the need for coordinated messages to our elected officials and regulators.  We appreciate that the NMA staff has immediately responded whenever we’ve called for assistance."
Don Clift, CEO
Preferred Beef Group

"My primary contacts at NMA are Ken Mastracchio and Norm Robertson.  I usually call only when some sort of regulatory problem has arisen.  I really appreciate the personal interest that they both take in whatever my “issue of the day” is.  Their approach is very objective and sincere; their advice is always helpful and encouraging.  I find them to be truly interested in my situation and my company."
Alison A. Nolz
Director of Quality Assurance
AB Foods, LLC

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