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Other Benefits

As well as the other benefits listed throughout this site, such as the newsletter, resources and membership directory, NMA membership provides access to the following:

  • Grass Roots Problem Solving - Case studies show effective results from NMA intervention in crisis situations. Members have publicly thanked NMA for their beyond-the-call-of-duty efforts to pull their businesses back on their feet.
  • Regulatory Guidance - Daily inspection in the meat industry can present a variety of problems, both big and small. NMA's inspection consulting staff is industry renowned for acting as a liaison between members and key USDA personnel. Since NMA stays on top of regulatory and policy developments that impact its member firms, knowledgeable assistance is available when members must appeal adverse policies, regulations or decisions.
  • Standing Committees - Committees made up of NMA staff and members targeting various areas of interest to the membership. Policy Committees include: Beef, Food Safety, Workplace Issues, Marketing, and Processed Meats. Administrative Committees include: Membership, Education, and Associate Advisory. Senior Committees include: Executive and Strategic Planning. And there is also now a special Strategy Committee for Government Relations.
  • Insurance and Benefits Programs - NMA members have the opportunity to participate in NMA's group workers compensation program and get competitive quotes for medical and liability insurance coverage. Participating members all receive the latest summaries of Compensation & Benefits Surveys which are updated annually.

And Use NMA For:

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