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Exede Internet – HOW IT WORKS

When you sign up for Exede Internet, you get high-speed speed internet access. In case you sometimes wonder how satellite internet actually works, here is a brief description. The internet system works by connecting you to one of our available high capacity satellites.

Whenever you connect your computer to our service, you receive internet speeds that are a lot faster than what you can get with a dial-up connection. In fact, these speeds are much higher than those you can get from wireless or DSL options.

The new Exede 12 service offers you speeds that are up to 8 times faster than the ordinary 1.5 Mbps DSL service with file transfer speeds that are up to an astonishing 200 times faster than those offered by a dial-up service. In order to enjoy the service, you just need a small 30 inch satellite dish and a satellite modem. Upon signing up for our service, we provide you with all the equipment you need. In addition, we send certified installation professionals to install the connection for you at no charge.

Why you need High Speed Internet

Whether you browse the internet for business or pleasure, it is important to have high speed internet. With fast internet you get:


  • You need a computer for connection to a modem. You can make this connection via ethernet or you can use a wireless router.
  • We provide you with an Exede modem that transfers data to the antenna dish.
  • We provide you with an Exede Internet Dish that is responsible for sending and receiving signals to and from out satellite.
  • Our ViaSat-1 Satellite sends all the information to and from your dish and to the gateways.
  • Our Gateways connect our network to the internet.

Satellite technology has been around for quite some time, but it's only been recently that it's been popular for the consumer market in areas where cable and fiber optic internet connections aren't available. The truth is that there are a lot of options when you're closer to a data center geographically, but not every town and every home is. For those customers, the only internet option has been dial-up and DSL, which utilize land line connections to bring you the internet. While they may have been capable in the past, there's more content, and bigger file sizes, than ever before.

More content, and services like online streaming, mean that there's an increasing demand for speed and reliability. That's where Exede steps in; with an entire communications system set in place, both on Earth and in orbit, Exede can beam the internet to you, wherever you are, all at speeds that are more than 200x faster than a dial-up connection, and 8x as fast as DSL. All it takes is a satellite dish, a modem, and a computer.

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