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E. Floyd Forbes Award

E. Floyd Forbes served as the first president of the Western States Meat Packers Association (NMA’s predecessor). His early dedication to the organization created a foundation which has flourished for over fifty years. This prestigious award is presented annually for exemplary service to the Association and the meat industry.

Professional of the Year

The Professional of the Year Award is presented to an individual who has proven himself to be that quintessential professional, someone who can be relied on again and again to provide services above and beyond the ordinary. Award winners have always distinguished themselves through their activities and role in the meat and poultry industry.

Supplier of the Week and Supplier of the Year

Every week one NMA Associate Member is featured in Lean Trimmings as Supplier of the Week. This is to honor all our loyal suppliers throughout the year. We encourage our General Members to support these supplier and associate firms.

While every NMA supplier is important, one stands out by providing excellent services, by demonstrating an exemplary commitment to the meat and poultry industries, and by being an invaluable part of our association. The supplier nominees who receive the most nominations will be submitted to the NMA Executive Committee for final selection.

1990 David Sayad, Teepak, Inc.
1991 Ed Whyte, Robert Reiser & Co., Inc.
1992 Edward Toby, Toby Enterprises
1993 Mike Botto, American Food Equipment Co.
1994 Jim Jones, Teepak, Inc.
1995 Cliff Harris, Heller Seasonings and Ingredients
1996 Kurt Maron, ABCO Laboratories
1997 Roger Reiser, Robert Reiser & Co., Inc
1998 Mike Gangel, Chad Co.
1999 Steve Schmidt, Le Fiell Co.
2000 Bernie Berigan, DCS Sanitation
2001 Jay Thomas, Townsend Engineering
2002 Steve Tennis, Handtmann

Hold the Mustard

The Hold the Mustard Award, sponsored by Morehouse Mustard, is presented to the sausage maker with the best entry at NMA’s Annual Gourmet Sausagefest as judged by attendees who select based on their taste preferences.

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