Starting in 1985, NMA began gathering its members to produce exemplary working documents. These include the Good Manufacturing Practices for Beef Grinders which FSIS features on its website, as well as Listeria guidelines. Additionally, NMA led the basic research into voluntary GMPs for dry and semi-dry fermented sausage products.

National Meat Association provides unique guidance as a grassroots organizer.  NMA members have come together on many occasions for brainstorming sessions that result in expert real-world guidelines for direct application in meat plants.

NMA guidance documents are always reviewed by reputable academic and professional sources for accuracy and relevance to processing.  They have often been developed with the assistance of other food industry organizations.

The recently developed Best Practices documents exemplify this important contribution to industry quality and improvements:

Guidelines for Developing Best Practices for Beef Slaughter

2002 Good Manufacturing Guidelines for the Removal of Spinal Cord During Slaughter Operations and Sampling and Testing of Advanced Meat Recovery Product for Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Analysis

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