NMA Mission Statement

To be the most effective meat association in serving its members.

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Whether it’s HACCP training, roundtables or regulatory teleconferences, National Meat Association’s seminars and workshops are top notch.

“The speakers at NMA’s HACCP seminar were just incredible - precise, to the point and relevant. They had a wealth of knowledge, and I received training in direct relation to my daily operations,” says Sam Rachel, production manager for Marisa Foods.

As well as classes, NMA provides immediate communications solutions.

“NMA is a facilitator for communication. It puts us in the room with USDA and gets some good dialogue going. It’s not just because we’re a large member either, they treat everybody the same,” says Bob Delmore, vice president of technical services for pork processor Clougherty Packing (Farm John Meats).

“If you’re talking about an organization you’re going to use day after day, it’s NMA,” he adds.

NMA’s information services are superb, providing the industry with a weekly newsletter, an award-winning website, educational seminars, and conventions packed with the best and the brightest.

The association’s main communications tool is its weekly newsletter, Lean Trimmings.

Academics, government officials, reporters and consumers, as well as members, rely on Lean Trimmings to provide them accurate, timely information.

NMA Information Services

Lean Trimmings
Press Releases

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