The National Meat Association team can be relied on for one-on-one assistance. Whether removing regulatory roadblocks, finding consulting experts, suggesting new market options or alerting members to new challenges, NMA is there.

In many cases, NMA has saved its members from expensive disasters. Consider Valley Meat Company’s experience.

In the wake of the Jack-in-the-Box E. coli outbreak, NMA “told us to stop our operation - take meat out of the system, [and] start over again. We really didn’t want to follow this expensive advice, but we did. Two of our competitors did not - just did a minimal checkup. We are the only one that did not have a recall,” says Russell Hefner, president of the mid-sized meat processor.

“USDA told us we did everything correctly, and we did it on NMA’s advice,” adds Valley Meat General Manager Gus Couterakis.

National Meat Association has been advocating the interests of the meat industry since 1946. The association is internationally known and respected as a champion of its members and the meat industry at large.

The association is always at work in Washington and across the nation, making sure that regulations are fairly implemented, and information is distributed.

National Meat Association assists its members to meet the consuming public’s expectation for safe food produced in a competitive market environment.

And the NMA crisis hotline is available everyday, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hotline - 510-763-1533

National Meat Association Staff

NMA staff is responsive and reliable in providing one-on-one assistance in a variety of areas. Staff includes regulatory experts that can give the unique guidance necessary to navigate ever-changing federal regulations.


NMA’s Associate Consultant Members are the most reliable in the business. They provide technical and regulatory guidance, as well as business and workplace issues advice. Contact NMA to find out how to access this valuable member service.


NMA has many links with experts in the academic field, including microbiologists, meat scientists, agribusiness experts and economists. A complete listing is available to members in the NMA Membership Directory.

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