OAKLAND, CA -- National Meat Association has acted directly to see that the illegal inspection activities in South Dakota are addressed by USDA and the Attorney General of the United States. In a letter to both Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman and Attorney General Janet Reno, NMA Executive Director Rosemary Mucklow called for "strong and immediate action to stop Governor Janklow's illegal practice."

Governor Janklow of South Dakota has directed the South Dakota State Highway Patrol to stop and inspect trucks carrying Canadian livestock which attempt to travel in South Dakota. Section 8, Clause 1, of Article 1 of the United States Constitution provides to Congress the exclusive power "to regulate commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes." The purpose of the Constitution's Commerce Clause is to prohibit states from burdening the free flow of commerce. Governor Janklow has ordered the highway patrol to stop trucks and require proof that certain drugs, including sulfamethazine and fluroquinolones, have not been given to the cattle in the shipment even though these drugs are actually authorized for use in cattle in the United States.

"This is absolutely out-of-line and interrupting normal commerce," said NMA Executive Director Rosemary Mucklow. "It is interfering with the businesses of National Meat Association members and is a disservice to the people of South Dakota."

National Meat Association is a non-profit trade association representing meat packers and processors, as well as equipment manufacturers and suppliers who provide services to the meat industry. The association, with over 600 members throughout the United States, includes membership in Canada, Australia and Mexico.

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