OAKLAND, CA -- National Meat Association is pleased to announce its 56th Annual Convention February 20-23, 2002. The Convention will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Monterey, California.

NMA's keynote speaker for the convention will be Smithfield Chairman, President and CEO Joseph Luter III. Luter has positioned Smithfield strategically to be a massive presence in the coming century. His company, the biggest U.S. pork processor, has been quickly expanding into the beef business and Luter’s comments should enlighten anyone interested in the new alignment of superpowers in the industry.

Also speaking, USDA’s Under Secretary for Food Safety Elsa Murano will cover the rapidly changing food safety climate. A self-described “outsider looking in,” Murano’s presentation on regulation will certainly be a valuable addition to the convention.

NMA's Annual Convention will be packed with seminars, workshops on crisis issues, as well as many other activities. Topics include a HACCP update, information on Mandatory Price Reporting, breaking news on Biosecurity, and seminars on management, marketing and trade. Altogether NMA plans to have twelve Round Table Sessions, divided into the four groups of Regulatory/Inspection, Science/Technical, Business/Industry, and Trade/Marketing (complete list is available).

NMA will also host a series of informative Specialty Meetings. Topics already planned are Planning for the Future of Your Business, BSE Update, Keeping Meat Cold, Commodity Purchase Update, Allergy Monitoring & Management, Update on Residues, Update on Exports, Update on Slotting Fees, and Update on Animal Handling Issues.

There will also be many fun events, including an Aquarium Dinner Special and the more-popular-than-ever Sausagefest. Since the 2002 Winter Olympics will be ending the Sunday after NMA’s Convention, we’ve decided to incorporate the spectacle. For more information or a complete brochure on 56th Annual Convention, contact NMA office at (510) 763-1533 or e-mail [email protected]. also has the details.

National Meat Association is a non-profit trade association representing meat packers and processors, as well as equipment manufacturers and suppliers who provide services to the meat industry. The association, with over 600 members throughout the United States, includes membership in Canada, Australia and Mexico.

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Jeremy Russell
National Meat Association
(510) 763-1533
[email protected]

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