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Technical & Scientific Issues

Institute of Food Science & Engineering, Texas A&M

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Olsson, Frank & Weeda, P.C.
Washington, D.C

Rosemary Mucklow is the Executive Director of the National Meat Association (NMA).

She has held her position since 1982, when the Western States Meat Packers Association and Pacific Coast Meat Association merged to form the stronger, broad-based organization it is today. Mucklow has been associated with the meat industry for more than 40 years, and in her current position, she is responsible for the administration of business affairs of NMA. She oversees all activities of NMA, and as part of her daily activities she maintains working contacts with association members so that she remains fully informed about the effects of government and market activities on their businesses. She is also vice president of the International HACCP Alliance.

Staff E-mails

Executive Director, Rosemary Mucklow

Associate Director, Administration, Etta Reyes

Associate Director, Regulatory, Ken Mastracchio

Executive/Financial Assistant, Mae Herbert

Communications Manager, Kiran Kernellu

Operations Manager, Jen Kempis

Regulatory Services Assistant, Frank Fone

Regulatory Analyst, Julie Ramsey

Regulatory Analyst, Roberto Escalante

Office Assistant, Genika Powell

Membership Consultant, Jane Anderson

Business Consultant, Henry Meyer

Government Relations Liaison, Shawna Thomas

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