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OAKLAND, CA – National Meat Association has teamed with Southwest Meat Association (SMA) and the American Meat Institute (AMI) to train meat industry participants in Process Validation for Meat & Poultry Plants. During this 2-day course, Quality Assurance Managers, HACCP Coordinators, and Plant Managers who attend will receive practical take-home instructions of process validation through both lecture and hands-on exercises.


“I’m pleased that AMI and SMA have joined us in this important training activity,” said NMA Director of Technical Services Teresa Frey. “Process Validation is essential, especially in today’s HACCP environment.”


FSIS In-Depth Verification Teams and Consumer Safety Officers (CSOs) are currently scrutinizing HACCP plans to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements for validation and courses like these are the best way for a plant to ensure in advance they comply with all HACCP regulations. The NMA/AMI/SMA courses will conclude with an exam and each participant will receive a certificate of completion.


Upcoming process validation workshops will be held in Kansas City, MO on April 3-4, in Los Angeles, CA on April 22-23 and in San Francisco, CA on April 25-26. For more information visit NMAonline.org's Seminar page or contact NMA-West at (510) 763-1533.


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