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OAKLAND, CA, February 24, 1997 -- National Meat Association and the Institute of Food Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University are conducting three-day Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) training in Denver, Colorado on March 6-8 and in Omaha, Nebraska on May 8-10, 1997.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service's Pathogen Reduction/HACCP final rule, published on July 25, 1996, mandates that all establishments have HACCP systems in place by January 26, 1998, January 26, 1999 or January 25, 2000, depending on establishment size. This course, accredited by the International Meat and Poultry HACCP Alliance, is designed to meet the three-day program as proposed by FSIS. The course curriculum is structured to provide hands-on training in developing a HACCP program for all types of meat slaughtering and processing facilities. This includes case studies and small working groups.

"NMA's HACCP training workshop is designed to facilitate the development of useful skills for attendees so that upon completion, attendees walk away with the ability to develop and implement an effective HACCP program in their own establishment," said NMA Regulatory Aide Teresa Frey. "NMA understands the value of time for meat industry business people. So we've focused on making our HACCP workshop comprehensive, practical and worthwhile."

For more information about NMA's upcoming HACCP workshops or for a complete schedule of NMA educational programs, contact NMA's Regulatory Aide Teresa Frey by phone: (510) 763-1533 or (202) 667-2108.

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