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OAKLAND, CA, February 24, 1997 -- National Meat Association announced an extensive educational schedule for meat industry establishments in 1997. Beginning in March, NMA and co-sponsors will host three-day HACCP training courses, intensive one-day Labeling & Blueprint training, and one-day Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training in locations across the United States.

"This is a year of change with the reorganization of the Food Safety and Inspection Service and new requirements," said NMA's Executive Director Rosemary Mucklow. "And this change demands increased knowledge and skills for the meat industry. By offering an extensive schedule of workshops and training in a variety of locations, NMA makes obtaining this information and knowledge convenient and accessible for the meat industry."

NMA's Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system course is a three-day course accredited by the International Meat and Poultry HACCP Alliance, as recommended by FSIS, and is co-sponsored by the HACCP Consulting Group L.L.C. and the Institute of Food Science and Engineering, Texas A&M. Attendees will be provided with hands-on training to develop and implement effective HACCP systems. The one-day GMP course will break down the components of GMPs and their for successful Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures and ultimately HACCP systems. This course is co-sponsored by the HACCP Consulting Group. Finally, NMA's Labeling and Blueprints workshop is an intensive one-day course co-sponsored by Judith Quick & Associates. Prior approval of labels and blueprints is a thing of the past. This course will discuss the ins and outs of labeling and blueprint regulations to help save time and money on modifications and rewrites.

The NMA 1997 workshop schedule is as follows:

HACCP Workshops:

Labeling & Blueprint Workshops:

GMP Workshops:

For more information or a complete schedule of NMA educational programs, contact NMA's Regulatory Aide Teresa Frey by phone: (510) 763-1533 or (202) 667-2108.

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