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USDA CEAH – Suspected FMD, Japan, March 2000 Impact Worksheet


USDA-APHIS Plum Island Animal Disease Center


USDA-APHIS Area III:  Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama

FMD Cooperative Prevention Program


USDA-ARS:  Absence Of Protein 2C From Clarified FMD Virus Vaccines Provides The Basis For Distinguishing Convalescent From Vaccinated Animals


USDA-ARS:  Baculovirus Expressed 2c Of FMD Virus Can Be Used To Differentiate Convalescent From Vaccinated Animals


USDA-FAS (Foreign Agriculture Service) Online 1997


US House Committee on Agriculture Glossary – FMD Definition



Aleff Group


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The Foot and Mouth Disease program



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Restrictions & Precautions on Outdoor Activities in an Infected Area


Precautions to be Exercised By People Working in the Countryside


MAFF FMD – Disinfectants


Guidance For The Licensing Of Movements Of Animals To Slaughter Under The FMD Declaratory (Controlled Area) (England & Wales) (No.2) Order 2001


Transport to Slaughter – Farmer’s Obligations


Approval of Premises Slaughtering Animals Under The FMD Declaratory (Controlled Area) (England & Wales) (Scotland) Order 2001


Treatment of Slaughterhouses And Integrated Cutting Plants Affected By FMD


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Statutory Instrument 1993 No. 3119 – FMD Amendment



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Appendix 3.6.2 – FMD Virus Inactivation Procedures


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OIE - List of Foot and Mouth Disease Free Countries (February 2001 Resolution)


OIE Sub-Commission for FMD Control in South-East Asia (SEAFMD)



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FMD in the UK 2001


EMPRES Transboundary Animal Diseases Bulletin (#14/2-2000):  FMD Alerts In Asia, South America and Africa


FAO – The European Commission for the Control of FMD


4/1998 New strain of Foot and Mouth Disease threatens Near East and Europe


Small-Scale Dairy Farming Manual Volume 5 Husbandry Unit 10.3 FMD



ProMED (Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases)


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Last 20 FMD Archives


ProMED Mail – Articles, References and Links to Related Sites



Canadian Food Inspection – FMD





Epidemic FMD: Saskatchewan, 1952


1-26-2001 Montreal Gazette FMD





4-2000 Korea – FMD Spreading



The Korea Times – FMD Article



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The Role of the Institute for Animal Health in the current outbreak of FMD in the UK


FMD – The Institute for Animal Health (Pirbright Laboratory)


The IAH (Pirbright Laboratory) is designated the World Reference Laboratory for FMD


FMD – The AVIS Multimedia Suite: Release Announcement



A Taxonomy of FMD



FMD Virus Structure (3D)


FMD Virus – three dimensional (3D) structures



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FMD – UK Outbreak





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BBC News Report - FMD in the UK



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Animal Health Australia


Foot and Mouth Disease





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PAHO Promotes Actions To Control FMD In Countries Of The Southern Cone (08-30-2000)


Situation of Foot-and-Mouth disease in South America (09-2000)


PAHO Promotes Actions To Control FMD In Countries Of The Southern Cone (1-9-2000)



Encyclopedia Britannica Online


Animal Diseases Confined to Certain Regions (Britannica),5716,126157,00.html



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AFRO-NETS> Foot-and-Mouth disease vaccine



The Rural Stress Information Network


The Human Cost of FMD



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The European Commission for the Control of FMD 02/28/2001



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Meat and Livestock Commission

FMD – Information and Advice Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development An Roinn Talmhaiochta, Bia agus Forbartha Tuaithe Government of Ireland



Ireland – Statute on FMD


Irish Statute FMD (Imported Packing) Order Of 1923 Amendment Order Of 1931.



Yahoo News


Yahoo News - FMD Outbreak in UK



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National Farmers Union





Info on FMD in Taiwan (NIAH, Japan)





Department of Veterinary Services, Perak Malaysia – South Africa


South Africa Containing FMD – South Africa


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South Africa Containing FMD – 12/8/2000


South Africa Containing FMD 12/8/2000 different source – News


Beef Exports Heading to US







FMD – November 2000