August 27, 1998

Dear Associate Member:

HACCP Yellow Pages Update!

NMA has published the first edition of the NMA HACCP Yellow Pages! Over 100 booklets were distributed in its first week to meat and poultry plants implementing HACCP.

If you are not yet listed, there is still time! Call today and be part of the 2nd Edition HACCP Yellow Pages!

r Yes! Include my company in the NMA HACCP YellowPages!

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r Advisory/ Consultant Services r Laboratory Testing r Sanitation Equipment

r Auditing r Process Validation r Training

r Publications r Recordkeeping Systems r Videos

r Computer Software r Sanitation Supplies

Method of Payment: r Visa r MasterCard r Check Enclosed

Card # Amount Enclosed: ($25.00 x (# of headings))


Exp. Date =

Return this form by fax to NMA at (510) 763-6186 attention Teresa Frey . All entries must be received no later than close of business, October 1 , 1998. Thank you!

For only $25.00 you get your company’s name address, phone number, fax number, website and contact name listed under the HACCP heading of your choice. There will be an additional $25.00 charge per multiple listings.

The 2nd Edition HACCP Yellow Pages will also appear on line as the "Virtual HACCP Pages." The Virtual HACCP Yellow Pages will include all the information of he present edtion. PLUS hyperlink your company’s website and e-mail!

Instant e-mail and website link to your company’s HACCP products and services!