To: General Membership

Fr: Ken Mastracchio

NMA, Director of Regulatory Issues

Re: Small Plant HACCP Implementation January 26, 1999

The second wave of HACCP implementation, when approximately 3000 plants will come under a HACCP based inspection system will take place on Monday, January 25, 1999. NMA has concluded, based on several NMA surveys, that the membership has risen to the challenge of developing and implementing a HACCP plan that meets the regulatory requirements of the Mega-Reg. You’ve attended the HACCP training sessions, you’ve written your plan, you’ve validated your CCPs, and you’ve met with the inspector. Your efforts have been Herculean and this should stand you in good stead as you renter the era of a HACCP based inspection system. NMA has helped you through this process and will continue to see you through the upcoming months.

Discussions with FSIS indicate that the agency is willing to work very closely with industry in making this phase of HACCP implementation successful. NMA feels that the agency is sincere in this, however complacency is not a characteristic of NMA. We recognize that the adoption of any new system may create a variety of new challenges. These challenges may be as unique and numerous as the HACCP plans developed. NMA is ready to help you meet these challenges. We are enlisting several industry experts to meet any increases in inspection and HACCP related issues.

NMA has eight consultants ready to assist with HACCP related inspection issues of immediate concern. NMA also has ready, Dr. Kerri Harris, Executive Director of the Institute of Food Science and Engineering at Texas A&M, to quickly respond to scientific questions relating to HACCP. Also available are Dr. Steve Goodfellow and Dr. Ken Kenyon, of Deibel Laboratories, to field micro-sampling questions and process validation issues. IDEXX Laboratories will also help NMA members with processing, sanitation and HACCP inspection issues. Finally, NMA has contracted with the HACCP Consulting Group to provide the NMA membership with "on-call" assistance with HACCP plan development, including pre-shipment records review, HACCP plan review, and regulatory HACCP compliance.

If product is retained, the mark of inspection withheld or if you face a recall situation, call the NMA Crisis Hotline (510) 763-1533, and NMA will be at your side offering assistance. NMA emergency services are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.