To: NMA Members


Fr:  Ken Mastracchio

       NMA, Associate Director Regulatory Issues


Re: FSIS Directive 5000.1 Rev. 1


May 28, 2003


Today FSIS posted on their web site FSIS Directive 5000.1 Revision 1 dated May 21, 2003.  The Revised Directive, which can be accessed at, is basically a comprehensive “Handbook” for Consumer Safety Inspectors (CSI) and Consumer Safety Officers (CSO) to utilize in their verification of a plant’s food safety systems. 


Specifically the Revised Directive indicates that the purpose and design for the 123-page “Handbook” is to assist CSIs and CSOs in “performing, and in better understanding, their job responsibilities”.  A “how to” explanation is also provided to guide the CSIs and CSOs in using the “handbook” and tables for understanding the regulatory requirements and in performing the inspection methodology and making regulatory decisions.


The Revised Directive’s “Handbook” addresses Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures, Sanitation Performance Standards, HACCP, and Generic E. coli testing programs and Compliance with the Salmonella Performance Standards.  Lastly, an entire chapter is devoted to Enforcement issues related to the documentation of non-compliance with SPS, SSOP, HACCP and Generic E. coli testing. 


In addition, the Enforcement Chapter deals with the trending of non-compliance and linking of NRs in order to determine instances of repetitive non-compliance.  The last section of the Enforcement Chapter specifically addresses enforcement action, regulatory control action, withholding and suspension action, notification and abeyance.  


It is our understanding that the Revised Directive and “Handbook” have been available since mid April and utilized by FSIS to train field personnel for immediate application upon the completion of their training. 


NMA staff will provide further comment on the Revised Directive and “Handbook” following a comprehensive review of its contents. 


Please e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 510-763-1533 if you have any questions or comments.