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NMA Fun Events

There are luncheons, golf tournaments, cookouts, and MEATXPO floor events, such as the Welcome Reception, Suppliers Luncheon and Grand Finale. And Don't forget the Annual Gourmet Sausagefest, in which members delicious sausage products compete for the Hold the Mustard Award.

NMA members bestow the Hold the Mustard Award to one great sausage product at the Annual Gourmet Sausagefest.

Of course, the real reward comes just from being there to taste what delectable meat products NMA members make!

Entry is open to all NMA General Members producing sausage and similar products. The winner is then selected by attendees in a blind taste test to determine the best tasting product based on personal preferences. This is a fun and tasty event everyone enjoys attending!


1994 - Saags Products, Inc. - Liver Sausage with Pistachio Nuts
1995 - Farmer John Meats - Natural Casing Meat Wieners
1996 - Montibella Sausage Company - Chicken, Potato & Sun Dried Tomato Sausage
1997 - Silva Sausage Company - Linguica - Portuguese Sausage
1998 - Wimmer Meats - Natural Casing Wiener
1999 - Uncle Louie Sausage Company - Sweet Onion Sausage
2000 - Hill Meat Company - German Brand Sausage
2001 - California State University, Fresno - Bulldog Pepper Jack Sausage
2002 - Busseto Foods - Sopressata Calabrese
2003 - Hemplers B.B. Meat & Sausage Co. - German Brand Smoked Sausage
2004 - Dakota Brand Sausage - Halal All Beef Hot Links
2005 - South Dakota State University - The Campanile Nile Smoked Sausage with Cheese and Jalapenos.
2006 - Evergood Sausage Co. - Chipolte Sausage
2007 - Evergood Sausage Co. - Pineapple Sausage
2008 - Premier Meat - Italian Goat Cheese Sausage Link
2009 - Wimmer Meats - Coarse Grind Natural Casing Wieners
2010 - Wimmer Meats - Wimmer’s Ambassador Brand Old Fashion Wieners
2011 - Falls Brand - Old Fashioned Basque Chorizo
2012 - Falls Brand - Old Fashioned Mild Smoked Sausage
Other Fun Activities

Golf Tournament - Tournaments are held both at the Annual Convention and the Summer Conference. Great care is taken in selecting a challenging and picturesque course.

Spouse Tour - Tours are offered at the Annual Convention and the Summer Conference. The tours offer spouses and guests the opportunity to learn more about the local surroundings.

Wine Tasting - NMAs staff selects a variety of delicious wines for this MEATXPO event. Held on the Supplier Exposition floor the first day of the trade show, this is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with attendees.

Welcome Reception - Friends and associates join together during the Annual Convention and MEATXPO to welcome NMAs newest members, and enjoy beverages and hors d oeuvres.

Suppliers Luncheon/Party - NMA and contributing supplier members host a fantastic buffet luncheon as a congenial networking opportunity for everyone to enjoy.

University Cookoff - University students compete with their student-prepared foods projects.

Margarita Farewell - As the trade show comes to an end, enjoy a margarita and all the fixin's with your friends and business associates.