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About NMA

NMA's Mission: To be proactive and responsive in serving members -- individually and collectively.

NMA members are committed to safe food, high-quality production, excellent service and supplies, and, most remarkably, to each other. And they all know where to turn for first-rate, responsive assistance.


Everyone related to the meat industry has something to benefit from National Meat Association. Packers, processors and others with grants of inspection utilize the regulatory and technical assistance, as well as HACCP support and education, provided by NMA’s regulatory arm. Equipment manufacturers benefit from the contacts, advertising and excitement generated by the association and its tradeshow, MEATXPO.
Consultants tap into the strong networking possibilities, clear directory and friendly inclusiveness that NMA provides. Academics and educators utilize our information services, our weekly newsletters and our website, while the NMA Scholarship Foundation helps students find funding to continue their education in meat science and related fields. As the global market expands, international companies turn to us as a contact point. We provide a network for all segments of the industry to come together, through our offices, workshops, conferences, conventions and expositions.

National Meat Association members are committed to ethical standards and producing safe, quality products.

Contact [email protected] with membership inquiries.

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The National Meat Association Scholarship Foundation awards students in the meat sciences valuable scholarships every year.



NMA’s Political Action Committee advocates the industry’s interests. Members of Congress receive and read our newsletter, regularly speak at our conferences and know our organization well as a credible source.


The National Meat Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization for tax purposes (tax ID# 94-1037520). Membership dues are fully tax deductible as a business expense. NMA pays taxes on revenues that are used to fund nonexempt activities, relieving members from having to make calculations about the tax deductibility of membership dues.


The National Meat Association offers its members a group workers comp program through State Compensation Insurance Fund.  State Fund is a self-supporting, non-profit enterprise that provides workers' compensation insurance to California employers at cost with no financial obligation to the public. 

Safety in the workplace is an urgent matter for all employers.  NMA’s Group Workers Comp Program for California members is available through State Compensation Insurance Fund.  Click to  and go to “safety” to find out more of what you can do to ensure your employees work safely and effectively.  

For those members outside of California, please go to Kessler & Associates at to get information on Property Liability Insurance.  Hand in hand is the Alchemy Systems whose services extend to plant safety.  Link to their website for more information.